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Signatures for Demand Humanity in Fashion and help Bangladeshi garment workers win their fight for an increase in the minimum wage.

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11 PaulGibbs The customers in the West should be prepared to pay more to ensure a fair wage for the workers
12 EmmaYilmaz  
13 MelGrant  
14 lyndamaclean  
15 AliciaKlawin  
16 SuziTelford Could the retailers think about how to increase the living standards of the local owrkers? I'm not sure how...housing? Medical care? Maternity care? A day off per week? Higher wages. There must be something to give some quality to these people's lives.
17 NinaBridgeman I refuse to buy any goods from those companies named as using child labour.
18 RosaleenLangley I believe everyone has the right to be paid a reasonable salary for their work. And personally would be happy to pay a higher rate for clothes in return for a guarantee from retailers that this increase would be passed onto workers.
19 RachaelJones  
20 RosemaryLangton Thank you for the opportunity to have a voice