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Signatures for Demand Humanity in Fashion and help Bangladeshi garment workers win their fight for an increase in the minimum wage.

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21 MerveKosker  
22 MichelleFerreira  
23 MarleneEvans What else can we do to help ?
24 IoanaGrecu The right to have a decent wage to live on should be the same for everyone not just for the White Man.
25 AgnieszkaGreger  
26 LindaRodgers  
27 junesutcliffe It would be nice to think that we could boycott these companies and force them to do something, but then who would suffer - the people in Bangladesh. I hope this petition does help the people.
28 SahijdeepSingh  
29 carolinebowles I support this petition 100%. It is an absolute disgrace that anyone should be working under these conditions. We are spoiled in the West. Let us give back some of what we have got and put pressure on for these workers to have the money they deserve.
30 JSmithson would you let your child live on a wage of 46 a month? I didnt think so.