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Signatures for Demand Humanity in Fashion and help Bangladeshi garment workers win their fight for an increase in the minimum wage.

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31 KirstenMiller Thank you Liz Jones for bringing this issue to people's attention. In a society that is so focused on getting the latest look for less, the cost of where this 'look' comes from and the faces behind it are often overlooked.
32 jackiemilton I do buy from these cutprice outlets, I am ashamed to say, and each time I do, I think of the person who has paid the real price for what I have bought. We have to change this.
33 VictoriaPearson  
34 LucyOztamur  
35 rachaelfoster  
36 LindaRickwood The public should boycott ANY retailers known to be using these factories.
37 MichelleV How would we feel if it was our children? Some transparency is needed so that people can decide if the 10 jacket is worth it.
38 chrisruehorn  
39 BethanyTorvell  
40 TrudieJackson